Understanding Flamenco (dates to confirm)
Taller de compás FLAMENCO (pendiente confirmar fecha)
El Molino del Río
Caravaca de la Cruz
Region of Murcia (Spain)
Phone:+34 968433381
Fax:+34 968433444
Date: from March-2 to March-4 2012 Course in: English, Español
Profs: Raúl Ferandez-Corredor   
  Profs:  Raúl Ferandez-Corredor  
Flamenco is the art of grace par excellence.
Able to understand and distinguish the different clubs and clapping to the beat of music, are basic skills for any fan who require learning some basic keys to its implementation.
This introductory course is intended to be an approach to the different flamenco styles (conceived in its genesis as singing, dancing and guitar), a practical but fun, which contributes to a first look fun where unravel the secrets of flamenco.


a) Start to the understanding of flamenco as a way to understand some of our cultural roots.
b) To enjoy the idiosyncrasies and the pleasure of flamenco.
c) To promote the knowledge of flamenco in an easy, close and making it participatory cultural consumption compared to other alternatives of leisure.
d) Dissemination of flamenco from our community

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