Health and Culture Holidays
El Molino del Río
Caravaca de la Cruz
Region of Murcia (Spain)
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Loma Alta came into being through Inger-Johanna's and Carmen Alvarez's initiative, (norwegian doctor and a spanish psychologist respectively), with the aim of developing leisure activities that generate well-being and improve life.

We understand the concept of health in the same way as the World Health Organization, as a state of well-being that develops the person's capacities. We also believe in the global perspective that unifies those different capacities (physical, social and spiritual) in which the human being can develop.

Loma Alta represents a non-denominational and non-dogmatic platform, opened to all the professionals that understand this perspective and want to share experiences, or just use our facilities for their own courses and activities.

From Loma Alta we demand and guarantee professionalism, reliability and honesty on this project.


We integrate concepts drawn from different disciplines and theories, always taking the sensory experience as a source of self-regulation for developing creativity.

  1. Courses and activities for people, organizations or companies that want to develop this framework of health/leisure/culture.
  2. Courses and activities lead by professionals that want to use our facilities for their activities.
  3. Activities related to our concepts about health/leisure/culture.
  4. Information about airports, travel and complementary activities such as culture, tourism, etc.

Our courses and activities take place in two areas of unequalled natural beauty, with all the necessary facilities and equipment

Next to the Hotel El Molino del Río we have an annexe, an open-plan multi-purpose/activity room with a large parquet floor space, equipped with heating and air conditioning, fireplace, office available for use as an individual surgery, changing room, showers, audio-video equipment, internet connection, and there is also access to the rest of the hotel?s facilities, such as swimming-pool, gardens, etc.

It is also located near to the hotel, El Nevazo state, the ideal place to go to be isolated from the stress of everyday life and get in touch with nature.

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Countryside Hotel El Molino del Río

Hotel with 7 apartments with kitchen and bathroom and a capacity for 24 people.

Located within a 3 hectares estate divided by the Argos river and surrounded by fruit trees, 12 km far from Caravaca de la Cruz, historical and monumental city, declared 5th Holy City by the Catholic Church. El Molino is one hour and a half from Murcia-San Javier airport (known as well as Alicante Sur) and two hours from Alicante airpot, both well communicated with Caravaca by a free motorway.

  • Restaurant with pergola and terraces. Vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian and mediterranean cooking.
  • Swimming-pool
  • Biological orchard
  • Bicycles
  • Petanca court

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El Nevazo estate

El Nevazo is a 300 hectare country estate located 1,350 above sea level, 700 m more than the Hotel, but only 50 min. away from it, surrounded by a forest of walnut trees, poplars, holm oaks and pine trees, totally absent of electric or acoustic contamination.

Spectacular natural surroundings, ideal for hiking or outdoor activities

  • Ethnic Music Museum in Barranda. Blanco Fadol Collection. 4 km from the hotel. (Concerts program:
  • Urban Spa (Caravaca de la Cruz), 12 km
  • Horses 12 km
  • Beaches (Águilas) 80 km
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